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Four thousand weeks, C'mon C'mon, Remembering David Foster Wallace, Sarah Manguso

🌱 2022-01-24

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  1. Four Thousand Weeks - I started this year off with Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman. It's being marketed as a time management book, but it is so much more. Examining and redefining time itself, Oliver digs into modern society's obsession with filling "time" up. Accepting our own finitude and leaning into the fact that time and humans are inexplicably intertwined. Highly recommended! (On Being podcast with Oiver)

  2. This is Water - Revisiting This is Water, David Foster Wallace’s (whose Infinite Jest took me on long four month journey) life affirming (and, heartbreaking in the context of his suicide) graduation speech that has a permanent residence in a deep corner of my mind.

  3. C’mon C’mon - Mike Mills mood piece lingers on edge of real and the unreal. For a kid, there isn't much of a difference between the two.

  4. Star Child - This tiny gem pops up in C’mon C’mon. Nothing brings focus to the finicky nature of time like having a newborn. Time is all we think about. Like ouroboros, it eats itself up. All these moments, slip by. Lost in the river of life. Watching this children's story at five in the morning while feeding a two month old, cuts deep.

  5. 300 arguments - Sarah Manguso's micro autobiographical non-fiction is mesmerizing. A mind whose honesty makes me be more vulnerable with myself. This will be on my bookshelf for many years to go. Revising, agreeing and disagreeing with each of these "arguments".

  6. David Trinidad - Love Poem


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