Cmon Cmon

By Mike Mills

🌱 2022-01-15

Children hold up a mirror to the best and worst parts of us. They are insolent, mean and grating. They are reservoirs of hope, love and brimming with possible potential.

Mike Mills mood piece lingers on the shore of sanity and madness. For a kid, there isn't much of difference between the two.

C'mon C'mon stars Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman, uncle and nephew, as they move around NYC, LA and New Orleans. Woody's mother, played exquisitely by Gaby Hoffmann, has to take care of her separated husband who is in the middle of bipolar attack.

Mike Mills weaves the story by collaborating with other writers and storytellers. He employs voice overs which read out parts of texts from their works. Pulling us in deeper into this space of uncertainty with the very medium of cinema.

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