The Limits Of The Cinematic Medium

🌱 2022-01-03

rough notes

Dune on amazon

Nothing shows the limits of a medium like a movie made after an unfilmable book. Dune was a magnificent vision on the page, that fell short on the screen.

Thinking back to the beauty of dune in the book form. It rested on the how slowly the characters and the world envelop you. Taking over your mind with their flawed nuances. Arrakis sets it’s roots deep inside of you.

I do wonder how it would have been to watch it without having read the book. Like watching a movie in a language I didn't know. All its subtle flaws hidden from me.

In its form as a movie, dune seeps into the crevices of your mind with its otherworldly music. It is in the music the true expression of the page made its way.

Denis Villeneuve is in command of the visual language. Building the world with as much complexity as he can muster. But, like the sands of arrakis, there is too much at hand that slips by. And, he knows this.

The next part of dune should be more suitable with the cinematic medium. With it large fight sequences and more detailed focus on singular characters, it should be much easier to wrangle.

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