Run A Small Social Network

🌱 2022-09-10

At the genesis of my site is this article/how-to guide by Darius Kazemi, How to run a small social network site for your friends

It has also set in motion this thought in my head that has been brewing the last two years to build an alternative, small, community driven, federated and image centric social network of my own.

a small social network site doesn't need a huge complex network of computers. One computer can be enough. Often it's the kind of thing you can rent for $10 a month, or even run at home on an old computer you have lying around if you want.

(for the administrator) remember that your job is social first and technical second

If I make software that makes the lives of 50 people much nicer, and it makes 0 people more miserable, then on the balance I think I'm doing better than a lot of programmers in the world.

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