Reversible decisions

🌱 2022-11-04

A decade making products and it's still a lesson that needs constant reminding. Most decisions are reversible. So, the only obvious thing to do is to make decisions with less confidence and in significantly less time. Course-correct when necessary.

Reversible decisions are doors that open both ways. Irreversible decisions are doors that allow passage in only one direction; if you walk through, you are stuck there. Most decisions are the former and can be reversed (even though we can never recover the invested time and resources).

Make more decisions with less confidence but in significantly less time. And just recognize that in most cases, you can course-correct and treat fast decisions as a kind of asset and capability in their own right. It’s quite striking to me how some of the organizations that I hold in the highest regard tend to do this. The second thing is to not treat all decisions uniformly. I think the most obvious axis to break them down on are degree of reversibility and magnitude.

Laurie Deschene on not beating yourself up,

Even if you’ve made choices you wouldn’t make based on what you know now, you don’t deserve to feel inadequate, ashamed, unworthy, or inferior to anyone else. You don’t deserve the anguish of beating yourself up over the past, or the insatiable emptiness that comes from believing you’re fundamentally lacking. No matter where you’ve been, you deserve the opportunity to go where you’re going, less burdened by your own mind. "Easy decisions, hard life. Hard decisions, easy life." - Jerzy Gregorek


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