Rabbit Holes Issue 1

Rabbit holes

šŸŒ± 2022-07-16


  • Eighty years ago, Vannevar Bush spoke about Memex. A way to interact with documents. All linked with each other. In the core of the idea was The Hyperlink. A small video exploring how the hyperlink (or, what we call the URL) changed the world.

How the Hyperlink changed everything


  • Pulling together some images as a starting point for a portrait shoot. (Photographers: Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Ketaki Sheth, Alessandra Sanguinetti)


  • Like everything valuable in life, Taste too compounds over time.

11 years of inspiration

  • There is this entire pocket of the internet where people build things with their bare hands. Underground swimming pools, slides, etc all with stones and clay. An insightful look at the fraud perpetuated at the core of this genre

  • An incredible story unfolded in a village in Gujarat. A group of farm labourers recreated the IPL and duped Russians into betting on these matches.

  • A look at Rajamouliā€™s RRR though the eyes of western VFX artists. It added a bit of technical depth to what many south Indians consider a lacklustre movie

  • It is really something seeing a country self destruct itself right in front of your eyes. Keep our eyes on the prize and water those plants just right. timezones

  • I have been rethinking my relationship with money and making it. In the bootstrapping corner of Twitter, Jon Yongfook really hit up on an interesting point on the freedom that having money unlocks.


  • Another thread that made me rethink how to leverage my own strengths when it comes to making money - Don't ask 'how do I make people pay me?' ask 'how do I let people pay me?

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