Watering the Plants Just Right

Abortion, Supreme Court and Resistance

🌱 2022-06-28


As of today, we are at the stage of political discourse about abortion and choice where it has come down to parsing the meaning of words. Smart people, on the same side, fighting with each other about the minutiae of words. Because, everything else seems to be out of control and pointless. Because, without even that amount of control it becomes hard to move forward. But, I am sick of armchair activism. Sick of hearing people shout into the twitter void. Tired of having been that person myself.

It's not enough anymore.

Saying the right thing at the right time. Signalling the right thing at the right time. Shouting until one feels better. Being righteously angry. It's not enough.

This war, is happening in the shadows. Decades in the making. Brewed in red hot fires of hatred, with a dash a focused commitment to a cause.

While the Left sits and fights about the words one should use. Pushes kids and families because they don't fit the boxes they decided for them. Pushes away allies because, hey, you can't have anything to contribute here now could you. You have nothing to learn.


This is the other side. To face them, empty hatred and pointless bickering with each other isn't going to cut it. Going out and voting isn't going to cut it.

We have to educate, build community, and commit.

water the plants poem

We have to learn to water the plants just right.


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