Secret Rules

Barnacles of Adulthood, Be Gone!

🌱 2022-01-27

One of things that stuck with me from the book, Finish - Give yourself the gift of done was this concept of Secret Rules. They are the unsaid obstacles that become a part of us, like barnacles on the rock of adulthood.

A couple Jon Acuff mentions in the book,

  • “If I’m not miserable, I’m not doing something productive.”
  • "I will never quit, because winners never quit."
  • “Only miserable, difficult goals count.”

How do we squash these rules that are making us miserable. Now, thats the easy part. We write down our secret rules and ask ourselves “What does that mean?” and then write yourself a new rule, a flexible, reasonable, healthy rule based on the truth.

As Jon puts it,

"Kill yours today. They’re doing damage to your heart. Your goal will be a whole lot easier if you’re not listening to secret rules."


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