Perverse Normalization Of Immigrant Life

All Bow To The Almighty, Visa!

🌱 2022-02-10

From the thread originally posted on Twitter:

There is a perverse normalization at the heart of being an immigrant in America. The way the H1b visa twists human needs is heartbreaking to watch.

People are thrilled to be able to visit family once in three years. Pray that their visa is approved, because there is no transparent structure to the processing of it.

Births. Deaths. Life that happens between. All dependent on "maintaining" the Almighty Visa . This is not a kind God.

When governments choose to do things this way even in the 21st century. It can't be negligence anymore. It's USA need to control all the people entering their country like you would cattle.

Why does cattle need to know what happens with it, or to it?

With the world going the way it is, open borders (or, any semblence of it) is a dead dream. Baffling that a country built on the backs of so many broken bones, continues to double down on this.


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