Memory a Day

Marker Buoy Dropped In To The Ocean of Life

🌱 2022-02-12

edited 2022-07-30

In Koree-da’s movie, After Life, on death people are greeted by a middle place. An administrative building where dead people are processed before being sent to a place of permanence. Here, within a week they have to choose one memory from their life they want to take to the next place. A memory they will live with forever.

What would you take?

For the last year, every day I try to answer just that. One memory I want to take with me from that day. Lying lazily on the bed with K. And P. A small walk to the store. A tree where a knot of sparrows made their home.

Deeply meditating on fragments of memory, and finitude of living. Taking a pause. A marker buoy dropped in to the ocean of life. Isn't that life anyway, a sum of all these memories.

Ingrid Fetell Lee talks about capturing these tiny moments of joy by writing them on a piece of paper and dropping them in a jar. Building a jar of joy.


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