Imitating Masterpieces With Crayons

Crayola Fun

🌱 2022-02-04

Inspired by Lynda Barry's work with four year olds, I started playing around with crayons. There is a feeling of freedom that comes with lo-fi tools. Liberated from having to prove anything, your creativity is unleashed.


In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, the protagonist's eyes suddenly open to childlike nature of the people around him:

"He saw mankind going through life in a childlike or animallike manner, which he loved and also despised at the same time. He saw them toiling, saw them suffering, and becoming gray for the sake of things which seemed to him to entirely unworthy of this price, for money, for little pleasures, for being slightly honoured, he saw them scolding and insulting each other, he saw them complaining about pain at which a Samana would only smile, and suffering because of deprivations which a Samana would not feel."

I keep dipping into Google Arts & Culture from time to time. I wondered what would happen, working on some of my favourite masterpieces with crayons.

crayons 2

The idea is to not become Cezzane or Munch overnight, but to luxuriate in their works. With the limitations of crayon, I could allow myself to succumb to the childlike nature in me.

crayons 3


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